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Meet Stan McClain

Stan McClain knows Senate District 9. A resident of Marion County for over 33 years, he has built a business in the Ocala area and has done business in Marion, Levy, and Alachua Counties. He’s served these communities in the State House, raised his family and been in business here, and understands that conservative principles and freedom is what will continue to make Florida the greatest state in the country.

Stan will take the same conservative principles of limited government, lower taxes, and economic freedom that guided his decisions as a Marion County Commissioner and a State Representative to the Florida Senate. He will fight for science-based and reasonable water policies to preserve our beautiful springs and aquifers, and he will continue to be a leader for school choice and parental rights.

Stan and his wife, Jessica, have a family of 11 children and 16 grandchildren. Hard work and deep faith in God are the hallmarks of their family, and there's no place they'd rather call home than Senate District 9.  

Meet Stan McClain



Stan McClain has a track record for commonsense legislation

Keeping Florida Free

Stan will work with Governor DeSantis to ensure Florida remains free from Federal Government overreach. Stan believes in Limited Government that works for the people and not controls the people. Stan will be a force that keeps the radical liberals at bay.

Job Creation

Excessive taxation and regulation are penalties on success that stifle job creation and economic growth. Government should promote a free market environment, not pick winners and losers with heavy-handed policies that favor one industry over another.


Florida students deserve the best education possible. That's why we must give parents choices, including vouchers and charter schools, so they can decide what's best for their children. And we must keep the federal government out of our local classrooms.

Water Conservation

Our area's springs and aquifers are not only beautiful but also essential to our economy. They must be preserved for future generations with sensible policies that work.

Low Taxation

Reduce regulations that keep us from upward mobility. Place more money back into the pockets of hard-working families so they may pursue the American dream!

Faith and Family

We must build a culture that respects life and honors values like traditional marriage. We must vigilantly protect the right of all citizens to practice their faith freely.



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